How to Add New Product and Category in Magento 2 Store?

Currently, the best E-commerce platform in the industry is Magento 2 as it contains tremendous features and options. Even though, I have found that many beginners face some issues in adding new products and categories in Magento 2.

So, this blog will clearly provide a solution to their problems and help them to add those features easily.

How to Add Categories in Magento Store

Adding Categories in Magento store is a quite easy process. It can be done without any effort and not by making any changes to the coding section of the admin panel. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to add a category to your online store.

Go to admin panel of your store and select Products → Categories section


Image 1

Now click on Add Subcategory tab

Image 2

Now, provide the details of your category and click Yes from Enable Category and Include in Menu options. For example, let us use the category name as Electronics. After providing the entire details, now click on Save option.

Image 3

Now your subcategory Electronics has been created under Default Category.

create your own Root category if you need it, then just click on Add Root Category and create it in the same way.

Need to apply your root category to your Magento 2 store, go to Stores → All Stores.

Image 4

Now, click on the Main Website Store button.

Image 5

Change the Default Category with your own root directory and select Save Store.

Image 6

Now you have created the Category for your Magento 2 store. You can create categories to your store in the same manner and add products to your store according to your needs.

How to Add Products in Magento Store

Adding products to your store is the same as we shown in the preceding process. Here we tell some procedures to add products to your store on your own.

Open the admin panel of your store and go to Products → Catalog


Image 7Now, click the Add Product section.

Image 8

Add information about your product and choose your desired category from the drop-down menu.

Note: Before including in your store check your product is in stock and its number is defined.


Image 9

Now, Open your store and you can see your category in the menu bar. From that, click on the Electronics category section.

Image 10

Here, you can find the product and check that is related to this category.

Image 11


The Basic requirement of an E-commerce store is adding products and services. I think this blog might have helped you to find a way to your problem, and now you have an idea to add categories and different products in Magento 2.

Keep following our blog to know more about Magento development process. If you have any doubts regarding Magento Marketplace development, contact us.


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