Best 6 SEO Tips for your E-Commerce Business

SEO for e-commerce sites is one of the challenging tasks. Here are my best tips for e-commerce business., the best things for the e-commerce businesses most important tips are listed below.

1. Try to Avoid duplicate product description :

Avoid duplicate product descriptionOne of the important point to consider is to Avoid duplicate product description. It can be done by creating new and efficient content. The content thus created must be new and unique one to attract the target audience and drive traffic to your site. When you can’t write a unique description you may also consider using the NOINDEX tag on product pages.

2. User-generated content & product reviews :

User generated content & product reviews

Product reviews play an important role as it encourages the number of users to view your site. User-generated content is a process which drives immense traffic to your site, when current users leave their feedback on your sites it easily convenes new user to continue their transactions. Since most of the online shoppers are looking for product reviews and ratings before they finally end up with the purchasing process. User-generated contents in the website makes it fresh and unique as well as lively from other competitors in the market.

3.Integrate a blog to promote your products :

Integrate a blog to promote your products

The Blog post is also one of the crucial processes to attract users, promoting the blog posts are an excellent way to create unique relevant content. To develop a fresh content marketer must regularly post about offers, discounts, tips, buying guides for specific products that you wish to promote. It creates a platform for establishing thoughts, building relationship with customers and internal back linking.

4.Logical navigation with clean URL structure :


Efficient search engine optimization plays a vital role in logical navigation and best URL structure. To make your visitors feel comfortable with your site, most of the e-commerce sites offer the users with the option to sort and filter content based on different multiple parameters. The parameters may be a like-price range, brand, color, size, etc. Due to various version of the same content you may end up with lots of duplicate pages. To overcome this you need to tell Google which ones to index in order to avoid passing the link to unimportant pages.

5.Optimize long tail keywords :

Optimize long tail keywords

Optimizing long tail keywords is an necessary tips for e-commerce marketers to overcome competitions and to rank higher. It’s one of the best way which helps to increase conversion rate. Considerate the search demand plays an important role in this process. Including keywords in Meta description and different tags like Meta-tag, H1 heading tag, Image Alt Attribute and content in your product page or landing page. But don’t stuff keywords in this process.

6.Go mobile :

Go mobile

Since smartphone users are increasing day by day and with the advancement in technology. People are curious and they love to discover and social shopping activities have combative growth. Users prefer mobile friendly websites, it is one of the important one as well as to grow e-commerce business. To handle the enormous growing mobile users, mobile SEO is one of the important tips among the others. It helps you to stand ahead from others and beat e-commerce sites of your competitors. It helps to overcome dominating web searches.

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