How to add/Update multiple records to database in Magento 2?

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In Magento 2 platform almost there would be more changes in the database in Magento 2. So it is important to add/Update multiple records to the database in Magento 2 now it’s been a bit different from the previous version of it.

Here In my example, I will be adding a new table in MySQL: my_custom_table with two fields:

Id: Main key, Item ID

qty: int (11), number of items

In Magento 2, almost all the records have some modifies in the database. To add/update multiple records for the database, the process goes a little different from the first edition of Magento. Of course,  here is how we do that.

How to add/update multiple records to the database in Magento 2

  • You can usually update multiple records in the database using a save () method of the model.
$updateData = [1 => 5, 2 =>12, 3 => 16, 4=>5];

foreach($collection as $item) {

    if(isset($updateData[$item->getId()])) {

        $item->setData('qty', $updateData[$item->getId()];




However, this is not recommended because its performance is not good. You can see the save () function is called a loop. I got another solution to solve this problem.

In my resource sample I have written the following command: /app/code/[NameSpace]/[ModuleName]/Model/ResourceModel/Custom.php

$updateData = [1 => 5, 2 =>12, 3 => 16, 4=>5];

$connection = $this->getConnection();

$conditions = [];

foreach ($updateData as $id => $qty) {

$case = $connection->quoteInto('?', $id);

$result = $connection->quoteInto('?', $qty);

$conditions[$case] = $result;


$value = $connection->getCaseSql('id', $conditions, 'qty');

$where = ['id IN (?)' => array_keys($updateData)];

try {   


    $connection->update($this->getTable('my_custom_table'), ['qty' => $value], $where);


} catch(\Exception $e) {


  • There is also one more example of adding multiple records. Im mentioning that as my custom resource sample.


This solution is better than save () method of the model in a loop.

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This is how you can add/update multiple records to the database in Magento 2 and make necessary changes.

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