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Award Winning 600+ Features to drive your Buy and Sell Marketplace Business to Success



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*Payment Gateway integration is subject to availability of Modules from Gateway providers.


The Best Integrations always help your Buy and Sell
Marketplace Script to Run Smoother and Successfully

Their Success today will be yours tomorrow with webnexs.


Real, Great Looking Themes

Great Looking Designs, Absolutely Free to Choose.

Live Demo

Live Demo

Here is our featured ecommerce site demo. Try out user management,
fulfillment as well as other admin functions


Frequently Asked Question

Clarify the doubts about website and products to the customers.

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A buy and sell script is all about a marketplace website, where you can sell your products and someone can list their products on your store where you charge them small commssion on each sale or you enroll them for a membership fee.

The Buy and sell business is one of the famous strategy that can be concieved. You can win or make your sellers win and obviously if anyone of you make money, you can monetize on that.

Any one interested to sell online can be a seller. A seller should have fulfilled certain criterias that are regulated by the respective governments.

To run a successful marketplace or buy sell engine, you need to have the features that are attached in this file.

No we don’t charge based on designs. Its all free. You can choose any of the designs and it will be integrated.

Yes, your seller can add his/her own shipping methods in the store. Admin can also set options to activate or deactivate such shippers.

Absolutely yes. Your sellers can have the url of their choices.

Yes , it is possible in our Buy and sell script.

Yes. It is possible.

Yes. It is possible.

Yes, he can add the images into his section in the buy and sell marketplace script.

Always possible. Seller can add his product name in different languages manually.

Yes tax rates can be fixed seller wise.

Yes , its possible.

Yes, it will be visible to the seller by default. You need to custom if you need this not be shown.

Yes seller can add custom features of his product to the store. It will be shown under more info section.

Yes, you will have social sharing options.


We Provide Best service with expert that Our client needs

Popular Payment Gateways

Popular Payment Gateways

Logistic Integration


Marketing channels support

Marketing channels support

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Payment Gateway Integration

Collect Payment Seamless across Gateways.
Ecommerce Payment Gateway Integrations are easier now.

Payment Gateway Integration

Shipping Partners

Get your product collected immediately from your doorstep and ship them to your customers at your ease.

Shipping Partners

Host Your Buy and Sell script

Either in Amazon web services or Webnexs Virtual Servers.

Host Buy and sell marketplace script

Host Buy and sell marketplace script
in AWS free completely for one year.

Host with webnexs

Host with webnexs starting from
USD 15 per Year.

Marketing & Automation

Emails, SMS, Customer Reviews, Pop-ups made easier.

Marketing atuomation sets up a seamless communication between the sellers and buyers. Stay connected through Email Marketing by streamlining abandoned cart automations, out of stock notifictions, back in stock notification, auto Facebook , twiter posts. Stay Positive.

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