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Unique Magento Features

Magento Features
Magento Features List

Get Powerful admin dashboard that helps managing the business with ease. Dashboard displays Instant stats of advanced sales reports, Detailed Customer Stats, Top Most countries or cities and products rating and sales. It also helps you to understand monthly revenue charts, Low Stocks products, Best Rated Products and many more.

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Change the URL of you products page easily. Choose all or part of product in catalog and perform changing the addresses. Let the store admin choose product URL based on Product attributes, Letters, Digits and additional special characters like “/”, “.”, “-”. Custom URL will provide more user Friendly and enhances SEO performances of the store.

Magento Theme Development

Customer attributes enables to create unlimited number of additional fields for registration and collect as much information as needed. Let Customer upload Documents, images and select them from available option stype their own text level comments, Etc.

Magento Ecommerce Website Development

Highlight product Features by adding Videos to products pages with customizable Carousel sliders and in products videos Listing under description tab and offerdifferent types of videos like VImeo, YouTube and local server files. Show video as light box popup with title and description information. Now add Unlimited products videos, Fully responsive and touch enabled carousel slider and many more.

Magento Custom Development

Your customer might want to have a quick review of products detail when they are browsing the product listing page. Helping your customers with a quick view function which will not only reduces the shopping time but also will bring the convenient experience to shoppers. Customer don’t have to go back and forth on category listing and products pages many times. Display the necessary products information in a light box once they click on quick view icon.

Custom Magento Development

Asking lot of information to create a new account may discourage customer from doing so on the store. Facilitate your customers to log in through their social media accounts such as Faceebook. Twitter, Google, and many more.

Magento Web Development Services

webnexs magento development provides fastest checkout process with one page Checkout. One page checkout feature uses ajax, google suggest & Multi checkout mode. Its 100% responsive and with advance technologies, customer can see all information and fill or edit any check out steps without going back and forth. When customers changes checkout information, Other section like shipping, payment method order review will be auto updated on the checkout page.

Magento Web Development Company

With an eye catching countdown timers, webnexs magento development has Great daily deal extension that allows limited time deal features, which motivates your customer to buy more. Running Discounts in a short time is a prime way to boost your sales. Webnexs magento Super Deal features is the most time- saving solution to manage multiple deals with the most professional display across any devices.

Magento Theme Development

Webnexs Magento store comes with six different products Types. Have a complete control over the products. Manage simple products, configurable products, Grouped Product, Bundle Products, Downloadable Product and virtual Products. The ability to have control and flexibility to set up products to specific needs of the store owners is incredibility enticing makes online store grow rapidly.

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Dashboard, the Default Homepage of Admin Panel of any webnexs Magento development, This Server as a quick snapshot of the store’s activity and performance. Webnexs Magento allows checking sales number, view graphs of order activity, see frequently used search terms within the site, and find out what your customer are viewing.

Magento Theme Development

Building a cross Platform Friendly website is important to make sure that every online resource accessible to any present and future handheld devices. Webnexs Magento templates are mainly created right from the ground based on the best ecommerce stores sales. All stores are powered by more than 20+ themes and is optimized for both speed and search engine friendly.

Magento Development Services

Webnexs Magento Customization allows modifying almost anything with in the store. modify products using various options like clip arts, fonts, products sizes and uploading custom images. Store Owner can make their well furnished Parameter system to offer to shopping portal for his customer and visitor. Customizing the store can be powerful marketing tools to display products in customize way and can attract many features oriented customer.

Advanced product management

Advanced product management
Advanced product management

Save heaps of the time spent on managing products in the Magento store. Adding Simple, Intuitive and most efficient features that would enhance the online store’s product management possibilities. Webnexs has advance cutting edge technology that would power the product in just few clicks.

With advanced project management tool, edit specific products or attributes, as well as perform bulk uploading and updating. This features lets you add any attributes and for any products and can make mass updates across products.

Features of product management

Features - product management

  • customized attributesStore Admin can add standard or customized attributes to the products
  • based on tiers and groupsStore Admin can update prices based on tiers and groups.
  • Multi store supportMulti store support
  • Stock inventory managementStock inventory management
  • Price managementPrice management
  • Attributes managementAttributes management

Customizable list view

Customizable list view

Store admin can arrange the back end products list and keep focused on the products data on real time. Select the column that admin would need to see in the catalog of the products. Sort out Products based on data like special price with start, end date, Columns for discount or quantities and available stocks and many more.

Perform bulking changes in products and update them. On the plus side the update of products can be done without reloading the page. Rearrange the column positions for products and can be saved based on the users accounts. If the store has more than one admin, they can literary view their own configured list of data in products list panel.

Features of customized product list view

Features - customized product list view

  • flexibly configure columnsAdmin can flexibly configure columns
  • Admin can view productsAdmin can view products view from their customer view
  • Product list backendProduct list backend can be customized based on your needs
  • Admin can group and customizeAdmin can group and customize the product view
  • Admin can edit associate productsAdmin can edit associate products and many more.

Powerful Search Filters

Powerful Search Filters

Features Search Filters

  • product namesCustomers can do general search based on product names
  • Products SKU’sCustomer can do search based on multiple Products SKU’s
  • categories ID’sCustomer can do search based on categories ID’s
  • categories nameCustomer can do search by categories name
  • Related productsCustomer can do search By Related products And Customer can do search by grouped and configurable products type

Optimize the work process in more cleaver way by managing the store with improved search and filtering features for making search process more accurate. Provide features to allow search by multiple Product SKU and also by Categories IDs and Categories names.

Features Search Filters
Catalog Grid Thumbnail

Catalog Grid Thumbnail/Images

Get all the product thumbnail view in the catalog list of admin panel. This will let the store owner to view their entire products at a glance. Add products images (Basic, Small, and thumbnail sizes) into the product grid, and owner can manage category, Edit product page, and configure size and proportion of these images.

Bulk Refresh and mass update

Bulk Refresh and mass update

An advanced Solution for multiple products Upload and Update - Bulk Update feature helps to keep data and information updated with much ease in a single go. Mass Price Update features used for multiple price updates on percentage values, helps avoiding hands calculation and updates.

Deliver a truly connected Shopping Experience Through Order Management

Order Management

Manage Orders and Inventory Distribution centers, Stores, Drop shipping partners and many Other. Magento Provides a powerful solution for multiple fulfillment centers that is flexible and fast to implement.

With elaborate order management system Coordinates the customer’s experiences across all sales and fulfillment channels, gathering information from each and orchestrating optimal rules and process for each separate order.

Magento store has distributed order management, Omni channel fulfillment, inventory Management, Payment, Taxes and frauds and analytics capabilities, Purpose built to give the customer a seamless experience across any of the channels.

With a rapid time to market the business in the industry, Magento commerce facilitated order management as a modular, or fully integrated solution. This lets drives revenue and customer satisfaction, while seamlessly managing the Omni channel operation in orders.

Distributed Order Management

Distributed Order Management

Distribute orders across categories, split them and manage the store with much ease by just sorting. Distribute orders to your shippers by searching and filtering out. Export the orders in CSV format as the output.

Shipping Management

Webnexs Marketplace

Let the store owner enable or disable shipping methods. For every shipping methods store owners can define the allowed parameters. Get Dynamic Shipping Method for Fright calculation optionally.

Shipping Management features

Admin Management

Store Owners Can Either Enable or disable any shipping facility to their customers. The store owners can select the list of shipping methods for any specific product and those methods will be displayed on the checkout page.

After the success payment from the customer, the admin can see all the order and he can approve the order thus changing any order status from pending to processing

Buyer’s End Benefits

Buyer’s End Benefits

Buyer can login to the store with a single click through social Login, checkout their account informations, manage their addresses, review the products they purchased from the store , manage their orders shipments and much more. The Benefits are not just limited, but they can be expanding.

Why webnexs Magento?

Webnexs Magento development is an ideal solution to decrease cost, increase efficiency and generate more revenue towards the online store. With flexible scalable and easy to use, we build a complete online store using standard Magento frame works. This enables the owner to future development process has been flourishing industry in past few years. Below are the few list of Out of Box Features of Magento stores.

Magento Users can enjoy a strong community support and can further develop with many developers all around the world which will make this software more and more features rich and robust too. Webnexs Magento development enthusiasts work continuously to make this software more secure and optimized for high performance as technology keeps changes. webnexs offers 24/5 support through various medium like Phone chat, Live Chat, Support Ticket, Whatsapp Chat and Documentations

With Webnexs Magento development can cope up with the business as it grows, Magento has an unmatchable power to scale up to any extent. Users can able to add features without disrupting the entire system. It would be a surprising facts that how much customizable Magento is. webnexs magneto developers can be hired to create the customized extension as per the business features requirement .

Although there are lots of alternative Ecommerce management system or content management systems are there which could be More look like ecommerce website, Magento tops all of the in the features, flexibility and scalability. Its especially built for ecommerce business. If the business plan to run an functional ecommerce store, Magento could be the best option.

Webnexs Magento development right option that provides high performance Ecommerce Store. Webnexs Magento also allows configuring a few parameter to fine tune your website's performances. it includes high ends caching techniques such as varnish and other Databases optimizations that help improve performance of the online store.

Magento is 100% supports multilevel third party Integration . This means that one can integrate any number of external paymnt gateways and database apps or third party shipping services and other shipping tracking methods. Magento is considered as highly flexible ecommerce solution and can suits well for any kind of stores. If you feel the default build is not enough to the current online store, Magento allows 100% customization of its every available feature.

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Easy for the beginners

Magento is an ideal platform who have to run an online store. Webnexs support team will guide you throughout the setup process and provide you training regarding your store if needed.

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