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Nothing short of 600+ Features to drive your Marketplace wagon to success.

Pricing Pricing


Pay for itself with one saved invoice


$ 159930% off

$ 1199

Best fit for up-starts


$ 299910% off

$ 2699

Best fit for Agencies


$ 599915% off

$ 5099

Best Fit for Companies

*Payment Gateway integration is subject to availability of Modules from Gateway providers.

Ecommerce Integrations Integrations

Get the best integrations with
your multivendor magento store.

1,00,000+ Integrations to power your ecommerce software


Frequently Asked Question

Clarify the doubts about website and products to the customers.

Questions? Look here.

Cant find an answer, we are now at the live chat to clear them instant or leave a message, we are back to you within next 12 hours.

Magento marketplace software is an online ecommerce platform which helps you to have the worlds #1 ecommerce technology for your store.

With the scalability and offering towards enterprise applications, magento will be an adept solution for anyone moving toward ecommerce platforms.

Its a myth, But an VPS with 1 GB RAM will be okay, but if you have a VPS with 2 GB , it will help your magento marketplace to run with good speed initially.

webnexs provides with the clear basic understanding of its clients requirements vis~a~vis the solutions it has in hand and tries to modify the soltuion towards the requirement. Magento Multivendor marketplace has over 600+ features to power your store.

We provide you with a 3 months full support window and if we would extend our clause, we can move further with a new Quarterly /Annual Subscription charge towards support.

Get the most apt solution for your requirements.

Popular Payment


Marketing channels

We made them to put on a smile.

The next best job from webnexs could be with yours on multivendor marketplace

Payment solutions

Integrate any vendor for payments. Never loose out any customer because of payments..


Shipping wouldnt be much seamless with anyone else.
We integrate solutions that you can connect shippers direct to your store.

Shipping Partners

Magento Theme


High quality web design services with 100 % sathisfaction
and moneyback guarantee on each project.


Host your Multivendor Marketplace

Either with webnexs VPS or AWS servers

Sell For Free, one year on AWS.
No Hosting Charges Required.

Host with webnexs starting from $ 15 per Year.

Marketing & Automation

SMS, Email, Customer Reviews , Pop-ups are nt tough anymore.

Automate marketing and stay cool. Let the automation do the job that is required. Never move out panicked, stay abreast of the techniques in automations with webnexs. Email Automations, Shopping cart abandoners can be a game changer in automations.

Technologies we use

Keep abreast of latest technologies with innovations for your multivendor marketplace

Quick Support

Get support within 10 mins of your getting in search of a pre-sales specialist or get support within 8 hours of you being sending an email on your project. Escalation matrix of 48 hours (3 days) window is the max buffer, but we promise to keep you posted before.

Clear Documentations

Get Documented on the products you get. Get notified from where the operations happen in your store. Keep yourself educated with our developers on how quick you can change simple things yourself with out need for a developer.

Ticketing Facility

Never miss out a question unanswered. We document them all under tickets. You raise tickets for support and our solution specialist will answer them for you at quick turnaround time possible. Checkout our escalation matrix with our sales specialist via live chat.