Migrate to Magento2 platform

Many online store owners have started to migrate to Magento 2 platform in the recent times. This is because of the various advantages that are provided in the platform.

Usually, there are five significant categories of data that must be transferred from your present store to Magento. They are:

  • Catalog data (product descriptions, categories)
  • General and personal data (customer accounts, orders, subscriptions, blog posts)
  • Back office
  • URLs
  • Promotions, Extensions and Payment Gateways
migrate to magento platform

Main "items" to look while Platform Migration to Magento2

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Categories
  • Order History
  • Product Reviews
  • Manufacturers
  • Taxes

Shopify to Magento2 Migration

Merchants have decided to switch to the Magento to improve their flexibility, web performance, and their online store speed. Magento is the most advanced, flexible, scalable and feature-filled site to meet and match any business needs. Also, the store owner can launch several different stores and manage them from one admin panel.

Advantages of Shopify to Magento2 Migration

  • Powerful security feature
  • Tools for up-selling and This is "cross selling" and not cost selling
  • User friendly and SEO-friendly
  • Customize designs and functionality
  • Can hold 100K+ products with ease

Prestashop to Magento2 Migration

Migrate tons of data from prestashop ( PS) ( 1.5.x onwards to 1.7.x) to magento2 platform. We have already migrated stores from prestashop to magento2 with huge datas which includes products, customer records, orders, extensions development and much more

We focus on the following during PS to magento2 migration

  • Migrate any kind of business of any level
  • Focus on UI flexibilites
  • Customization options
  • Attention to SEO details
  • Extensions Migration / Development.

BigCommerce to Magento2 Migration

Store owners prefer migrating to Magento2 for reasons such as the presence of complex editors, terminologies, the ability to move your codes to a different host etc. With Magento you overcome all of these complexities, with investing your thoughts in building complex functionalities, extensions that can improve the flexibility of the magento2 store, also leveraging the larger e-commerce community for magento2

Advantages of BigCommerce to Magento2 Migration

  • Semantic coding
  • Full programming access
  • Mass product import tool
  • W3 validation
  • Cross browser compatibility

WooCommerce to Magento2 Migration

Woocommerce can be helping sizeable number of e-commerce business owners, but when it comes to core e-commerce "experiences", it should be better you magentofy your experience on operations and you will have options that your store needs at any time throughout the sales process. We have migrated 100k+ SKUs and 10k+ orders for a popular spirits website to magneto already and have a great experience. Check with webnexs for your migration from woocommerce to magento2.

Advantages of WooCommerce to Magento2 Migration

  • Handle big stores
  • Layered navigation
  • Mobile webstore with mobile friendly interface
  • Keep your store updated,healthy and stable
  • Increase Store SKUs without worrying on site speed.

Zencart to Magento2 Migration

With complex upgradation process, no formal community support, fewer developer community, average templates to choose from and lack of additional modules, its holds sensible to migrate with magento2 since it offers all that zencart offers and additionally it has more than 300+ features to choose from its kitty. Why not you go from Zencart to Magento2 and save your business for Good? Try with webnexs consultants today!

Advantages of Zencart to Magento2 Migration

  • Number of unique and advance features
  • Number of designs available
  • Ability to support multiple online stores
  • Comphrensive filter functionality
  • Easy integration of additional modules

Our Assurance

Developing a complete, end-to-end migration plan dealing with all three conditions of a transformation: current, interim, and end-state.

Calculating every choices across the five dimensions of a migration project: network architecture, subscriber data, product and service feature sets, and operational support systems (OSS/BSS)

Organizing the over-arching responsibilities and resources occupied for the complete project lifecycle**

Assist, managing and communicating the transformation across functional regions and internal sections of the organization.

Defining and mapping the product as well as service feature sets of present legacy switch to the Next Generation Network.

Offering cross-functional support to technical and operational staff.

Developing and executing risk mitigation, rollback and contingency plan precise to migration projects from operational, technical, and financial perspectives.

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