Proactive web security

Be proactive before someone hacks your hard, million dollar database. Servers has to be protected regardless of their providers.

Server Security Features

Look at a few basic and common used server methods.


Server Firewall

Not just set firewalls. Optimize them for a powerful output from them. 10s of server setting has to be optimized for better security.


Prevent bots and reduce your resource consumption on the server. Ilegitmate hits can drain your RAM and stop opening your website. Why not try it done proactive!

Operation System

Securing the server operation system against known vulnerabilities is important. Each organization has to be secured from a different perspective. Patching of Server os to be checked.

OS User Authentication

User Authentication has to be configured to let permissions assigned on an individual level. Prospective users of server has to be authenticated. Cant go plain with one login for all.

Server Sofware Security

Securely install the server softwares alike the OS process. Checks has to be made to see if un authorized users are granted access to the software folders and check to remove all test or sample files from server.

Maintaining Security

We don’t just create security infrastructure, we maintain them all to see any suspicious or attackers activity arise. We don’t just keep them, review and retain for future actions.

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